Whiplash Pain Alleviated With The Help Of A North Royalton Chiropractor}

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You have been jarred and jostled in a car accident. The result: a sore, painful neck, shoulder and back. A common side effect of being hit from behind, whiplash results in injuries to the neck, which can create a variety of aches and pains. The after effects of a whiplash-inducing accident can last a few hours, days, or in more severe cases weeks. The key to treating whiplash is to recognize it and treat its underlying cause as quickly as possible. Patients who undergo immediate treatment for whiplash injuries, followed by regular stretching exercises more commonly report a smoother recovery.

How Whiplash Occurs

Any time your neck and head is thrust forward quickly, damage can occur to the neck and spine. But how does whiplash actually happen?

Researchers have found that when one car hits another object, the force of that strike is transferred to its occupants. The spine reacts to protect itself, often taking on an altered shape. If it moves beyond its normal range of motion, the ligaments and discs can become damaged. It is this damage that causes the pain in the neck, shoulder and back that most people refer to as whiplash.

What Does Whiplash Feel Like?

Whiplash can result in a dull ache in the neck and shoulders or severe pain throughout the upper body. Depending on the severity of the condition and how much damage was done, pain can very mild to extremely severe.

In the most severe cases, the jolt can actually push the discs in the spine out of place, resulting in a painful herniation. This can cause sharp, debilitating pains running through the back and legs.

How Can Chiropractics Help Whiplash?

One of the most effective treatments for whiplash is chiropractic care. Offering a variety of treatment methods that both fix the underlying problem, and ease the pain due to a misaligned spine, pulled ligaments, tense muscles and nerve stimulation, chiropractics can help relieve symptoms and get you moving again after a whiplash event.

So what will the chiropractor due to help ease your discomfort? There are several methods for treating whiplash that may be used:

Manipulation. The main way chiropractors treat whiplash is through gentle manipulation which helps to move the joint back to where it belongs. Depending on the severity of the issue, a single visit to the chiropractor may get your spine back in order. In most cases, however, shorter manipulations sessions are best since it allows the spine to be readjusted slowly and more naturally.

Muscle Relaxation & Stimulation. If muscle tightness and straining is causing an increase in whiplash symptoms, the chiropractor may opt to use some muscle stretching exercises in addition to spinal manipulation to help relieve the patients discomfort.

Ergonomic Exercises. Most people mistreat their spines on a daily basis. After a whiplash incident it is vital to learn how to do every day activities without further stressing the injured area. The chiropractor may send you home with a short exercise routine designed to help strengthen your spine and neck to keep symptoms from returning.

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Thermage Or Mini Tummy Tuck For Loose Abdominal Skin}

Submitted by: Rena Graham

Sometimes abdominal problems dont always turn out too severe and can very well be managed by less aggressive measures. And today, a lot of women are choosing between two cosmetic procedures that can allay this particular problem, and these are thermage and a mini tummy tuck.

When it comes to determining whether which among these two is much better, some women find themselves at a fork in the road. But in order to determine which one will provide a better treatment it is best that we look into these two and check out their individual pros and cons.

Thermage Skin Tightening

Thermage is a non-invasive skin tightening solution which rejuvenates the skin of the face and even those other areas of the body.

It makes use of radiofrequency (RF)waves to initiate the firming process in effect it lifts the skin in that area. This result is brought about by the process taking place underneath where the collagen and elastin are heated by the RF waves causing it to contract. This causes the skin on top to tighten and it also triggers collagen production.

This procedure received critics because of the discomfort that it creates. This is due to the heat, which most patients claim, is similar to having a hot elastic band snapped on the area. That is why manufacturers now introduced the Thermage CPT, which delivers a cooling system after the RF waves is released. This will soothe any pain during treatment.

As a procedure in removing loose abdominal skin, Thermage is only effective to a certain degree. To gain successful results, the condition of the skin must be healthy. Its effects are limited in that it only works on the skin layers, and not the muscles. So if the sagginess is associated with the separation of the abdominal musculature creating that belly bulge, then results may not be as attractive. But it does some amount of improvement on the surface usually around 20-30%, and it doesnt result to any scars.

Mini Tummy Tuck

In order to correct that abdominal pouch, doctors would say that a mini tummy tuck is more beneficial in creating dramatic results.

The procedure mainly concentrates on the area below the navel. A smaller incision compared to the one made in a traditional tummy tuck is created and then fats and excess skin will be removed while stretching the area to make it smoother.

The drawback to this technique is that it only focuses on the lower third of the abdomen and is unable to address the entire area. So any problem above the navel will not be improved and may be left to become lax. Therefore there is still some limitations to it when it comes to overall aesthetic results.

However there are doctors who would suggest that performing the two together will create better results. Thermage CPT will act like a finish to improve skin texture and pliability following a mini tummy tuck.

But to ensure that you get proper advising, it is best that you consult with a board certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. This way you will be appropriately guided so that you will get successful results especially with the costs that you will be incurring.

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