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Buying Bucket Trucks can be a tricky task. To get the best deal, you must be prepared and knowledgeable. Knowing where to look for the best deals is the hardest and most challenging part of bucket truck shopping.

I’m going to assume you know what your needs are in a bucket truck (i.e. how high of boom, insulated or not, cab guard, how big of bucket, material handler, etc.). If you do not know exactly what you need for your future jobs with this truck, don’t go shopping. You could end up paying lots of money for a feature that you will never use.

The first place most people look is the internet. While general internet store fronts provide a decent estimate on price, most of them will be marked up higher than their sales price and some won’t have a price at all. Checking on eBay is not an option as you can’t compare exactly what you’re looking at to what was sold. I suggest viewing blogs about bucket trucks or visiting forums. The top recommended blog for bucket trucks is and the top recommended forum is Both sites are a wealth of information to readers and provide a non-partisan look into the bucket truck world.

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Ok, so you’ve studied up and sharpened you buying skills, now, you just need to find the deal. Buying used will save money but, you are not guaranteed safety. When it comes to bucket trucks or any other types of utility trucks, you want safety above all. The best thing to buy is a reconditioned bucket truck. Reconditioned is like new and typically has been inspected and certified.

The next step is to find the best price on a reconditioned bucket truck. Lots of places claim to sell the best reconditioned equipment. Don’t get fooled by gimmicks and claims. There are only a handful of top quality utility truck reconditioners. For the best reconditioned bucket trucks, visit Southwest Equipment (I’ve linked their site at the bottom of the page). They were one of the first in the business and have grown to become an industry leader. Reliability and safety are the biggest factors to consider when buying bucket trucks. Don’t get caught buying a bucket truck from a used car lot.

The better quality equipment you buy, the longer and more frequently it will be working. That translates into a better return on investment and a nice profitable business. The key to the best return on investment is to keep initial costs low. Buying at the right price is crucial to making money. While you are looking, take notes as to what some trucks have that others don’t and write down how much the price difference is.

Lastly, don’t buy on a whim. Take all of the emotion out of buying equipment. You don’t want to get caught thinking about how good it will look in service or how professional your business will look. You simply want to get a truck that will do the job. Conveying a brand image can be easily carried over with things you can do to the truck. Things like painting, stickers, decals, wheels, etc. are typically money makers for those places that sell equipment. You want to find the best quality bucket truck for the lowest price around.

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